Top advantages of using billing and invoicing software

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Billing software is definitely a must have in your business! As an entrepreneur your major focus can be on building your business, product innovation and excellence in customer service. Right billing software implemented in your business is definitely a step towards business process automation. Your business can capture orders from your website and mobile apps or from your outlet, with billing software your staff can do faster order fulfillment. Coupled with bar code or QR code technology, billing software can tremendously improve accuracy and reduce queue at billing counter.

Here are the top advantages you can have from billing software

Cost effective

Not having a billing software can make tiny extra costs appear. You have to keep record of all the details using a manual way and that can cost you; the ink, the paper and also time which can cost you as well, as time is money. But with billing software you can save it all in the system and in the software without having to write it down and keep wasting money pens and notebooks to keep everything recorded. It helps you do more work rather than doing the billing so you can give more time to your business.

Instant updates

Automated billing software updates you about all the daily sold products and integrates with inventory and accounting software. This way you remain updated about the accounts and business that is happening and the inventory level remains under check. As the billing happens the sold items get updated along with the required information.

Notifications and reminders

It helps you make professional approach towards the payment overdue and bills that are yet to be paid. And you will not miss out on any bill as it gets as easy as going through your facebook account as the notifications about the bill being paid are updated. Just like you keep reminders for birthdays and anniversaries you can stay alert about the payments and your company will never be in the state of payment delayed.

Instant invoices

Be it related with the online payments or billing it will help you print or send invoices to the customers instantly. This helps the customers and clients get the information of transactions and purchased item immediately which results in customer satisfaction. This also acts as a proof hence clients and customers have a complete satisfaction as it is instant as well.


The accessibility makes it simple for the business owners to get the updates anywhere and this way the business remains in the palm of the owner. Even when you might be away on a trip you will remain aware of what is happening in your business all you will require is an internet connection.

Integrates with other software

Unlike other billing software an online billing software integrates with other software to a necessary extend. The inventory management and the accounting software require integration as it helps in tracking the inventory level and to keep the account of the business. This way it makes it easier for you to run your business and all the work gets done at once without you having to go through every other software in your company to look for updates.

Faster billing

Making a queue in a supermarket is one of the most irritating situations we experience and that makes us lose our patience and manners. But with a billing software your customers and employees will have a more relaxed experience as a billing software helps in faster billing. In manual manner we enter the price, the information and each product separately and then calculate them. This time consuming process becomes a task of few mins as the billing software reads the barcode with the help of barcode reader and enters all the details and then calculates it with a printed invoice in the end and boom you have it all in just few minutes with no one forcing you to wait in a line for several minutes.

What are the advantages of having a billing software?

Reach POS (point of sale) software is a cloud based intelligent billing software. It is user friendly and is accessible from anywhere. Reach customize with any type of business and tracks profitability, highest selling product, highest value customer, best sales executive etc.

Features of RetailCore POS software are:

Point of sale
Customer loyalty
Inventory control
Stock audit
Salesman incentive
Employee permission
Purchase and expenses
API for integration with E-Commerce, Mobile App, Accounting Software
Lots and barcode management

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