QR Code Based Inventory Management System for Small Businesses

Powerful inventory management system for small businesses that uses QR codes to streamline inventory management process.

* Use smartphones to efficiently check in, check out and lookup inventory by scanning QR codes. No bulky proprietary scanners are required – no matter how many people in your organization are involved in handling inventory, they all have scanners in their pockets.

* Access accurate real-time inventory status, location and other details from anywhere using a smartphones.

* Adjust Inventory to your business – create transaction types that make sense for your business, and define what you want to record / track for your inventory. Control trackable properties via the web interface – and these fields will appear on the smartphones for your employees to fill out when inventory goes in or out. It can be anything: from inventory location in the warehouse to expiration date to projects where inventory is used.

* Never run out of inventory – set re-order levels and receive low inventory alerts.

* Check reports on inventory count, transactions and inventory usage. Filter inventory count and transactions by custom properties: see how many items are at a specific location, which items are expiring in a week, what parts were used for a specific project or client, identify total sales and break it down by sales channel, etc. – reporting possibilities are endless.

* Integrate QR Code powered Inventory System with your internal systems and ERP software.

Contact us for more details, and contact us if you would like to have a guest account to test drive the system, or for the steps to set up a working account.

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